The Sports Union of Slovenia has developed a quality mark called Healthy Club. The Quality Mark is, after 10 years of experience with the Healthy Club initiative in Slovenia, now being implemented in Bulgaria and Malta. Now it has arrives in Italy and Romania.

The primary purpose of the Healthy Club Quality Mark is to promote organised, regular, professionally managed, properly structured recreational sport activities that take place in sport organisations throughout country.

  1. What is it?

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  • Self-assessment tool for sport organisations

    Europe, and indeed the rest of the world, is facing a physical inactivity crisis. This worrying trend will have a negative impact on their long-term health and wellbeing.

    That’s why the European Union is motivating all member states and beyond to emphasise the importance of quality physical activity, and offers of sport organisations so that people have the opportunity to be physically active every day.

    That’s why MOVE Transfer Healthy Club has been developed to recognise grassroots sport organisations which are addressing the problems of physical inactivity by improving the quality and quantity of their offers.

    The MOVE Transfer Healthy Club Quality Mark is an operational tool that can help raise awareness, initiate improvements, and celebrate successes. Partners behind the award want to encompass the full range of tools, opportunities and expertise that are needed to make all populations more active in and around the grassroots sport organisations setting.

    This self-assessment tool has been developed as a STEP 1 for grassroots organisations working on the development of organised, regular, professionally managed, properly structured recreational sport activities. The tool will point you towards a range of information and give you the opportunity to develop your strategy and leadership in this area based on expertise and good examples from the grassroots sport sector.

  • Self-assessment is STEP 1 towards your Quality Mark

    The tool lists a series of statements, that assess your organisation and programs, and help you to have an open discussion about their development.

    If your organisation and programs cannot fulfil all criteria, you may not be able to respond to all statements at first, but can use the self-assessment tool to reflect on the processes and factors you may need to consider when planning improvement of your organisation and programs. You can return to the self-assessment tool as you develop your initiative and test the activities.

    You are invited to give your view on the statements using the following scale from 1-5:

    scale from 1-5

    You should base your marking on how you feel about your organisation’s purpose and capacity in delivering healthy programs.

  • Advice

    • Do not be too concerned about the exact wording of the statement. Use your understanding and instincts – they can be as valuable as detailed knowledge.
    • Try to spend no more than 1 minute on each answer. If the process is taking longer, you might be thinking too much!
  • We suggest you go through the following steps:

    • Present the topic of Healthy Club Quality Mark to your team and at a board meeting and discuss how utilising them for your activities may contribute to organisational development and fulfilment of your strategic plan.
    • Present the self-assessment tool to your team and to the board and ask them to complete it.
    • Complete the self-assessment tool individually. Then discuss the results as a team: look at differences, challenges and what solutions can be devised to address those challenges.
    • Make an action plan for the next steps.
  • Discuss within your team:

    • What is your general or overall goal in the field of grassroots sport programs?
    • What is it you want to do and why should your organisation do it?
    • What are your next steps?
  • What happens next after Step 1?

    • STEP 1 is a checklist to assess if your organisation is ready to apply for the Quality Mark.
    • Your organisation must be able to answer all questions in order to proceed to STEP 2 - Full Quality Mark process. In case you cannot answer all questions, your organisation will be contacted by your coordinator with an advice and information to enable them to address these areas.

    Good luck with the self-assessment.

    Please contact info@isca-web.org if you need more information.