After a successful transfer of the Healthy Club Quality Mark to Bulgaria and Malta, a new project is now ready to transfer the same concept to Italy and Romania in order to provide local communities in Slovenia, Italy and Romania with quality and accessible sport and physical activity programs.

The overall scope of the project is to encourage participation in sport and physical activity, especially by supporting the implementation of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines.


The Sports Union of Slovenia has developed a quality mark called Healthy Club. The Quality Mark is, after 10 years of experience with the Healthy Club initiative in Slovenia, now being implemented in Bulgaria and Malta. Now it has arrives in Italy and Romania.

The primary purpose of the Healthy Club Quality Mark is to promote organised, regular, professionally managed, properly structured recreational sport activities that take place in sport organisations throughout country.

Besides promoting physical activity to the public at a national level, the main goals of the Healthy Club Quality Mark are the following:

  • Recognising sport organisations and organisations with organised, regular, properly structured, professionally managed recreational sport activities and granting them a Healthy Club Quality Mark.
  • Facilitating a cross-sectoral cooperation to promote healthy exercise programmes and the benefits of an active lifestyle.
  • Increasing the number of citizens that participate in organised, regular sport activities as well as in sport and social events.
  • Promoting the Healthy Clubs and their programs.
  • Educating trainers and sport leaders.
  • Monitoring and to upgrading sport and physical activity offers in relation with evidence-based research.
  • Supporting the customers in selecting recognised implementing certified activities.
  • Supporting, networking and developing the organisations (management, sustainability, communication, promotion, networking …).
  • Reducing the impact of healthy risk factors.
  • Promoting cross-sector partnerships with other sectors at different levels.

The main activities that our organisation is providing in the Healthy Club Quality Mark process are:

  • training, seminars and networking activities;
  • consultancy;
  • publications and research;
  • ABC training;
  • support in purchasing sport equipment and accessories
  • and other kind of promotional support.

About ABC program

Healthy exercise programme ABC is a special program designed in Slovenia in 2011 by professionals in the field of sport, recreation, health and fitness according to the guidelines of health promoting physical activity.

It is targeted at people who are not physically active enough, aged 18 to 65, but is also appropriate for the elderly. Usually the existing sport programs are too intensive for “beginners” to fit in. After completing the ABC, the participants should reach a suitable level to enable them to safely join any sport recreational programme.

The Quality mark

The Healthy Club Quality Mark can be obtained by sport organisations and organisations that offer physical activity program (like fitness centres) that are:

  • Offering well designed programmes, prepared for a specific group of users (including people with disability, youngsters and seniors) and led by qualified and licensed trainers, in appropriate infrastructure and with adequate equipment;
  • Running sustainable activities, financially and economically stable (“healthy management”)
  • Monitoring the frequency rates of members and their progresses by using the European Fitness Badge
  • Cooperating with health institutions in order to promote regular physical activities in their local environment
  • Implementing the Healthy exercise programme ABC

The Healthy Club Quality Mark has become recognised in Slovenia with regular cooperation with different stakeholders active in different sectors, including public health, local public bodies, insurances, education and research.

Healthy Club Quality Mark-awarded sport organisations are able to prove to the wider public that their offer of “healthy exercise programs” is of high quality and recognised by a national coordinator.

The Quality Mark enables people who are interested in exercise to find the most suitable exercise program for them.

The national coordinator support also includes:

  • Training and seminars for trainers
  • Publications and promotion material such as posters, presentation leaflet, training cards
  • Co-funding in purchasing or free rental of sport equipment and accessories
  • Promotional support (web, FB, media)

Promotion of Healthy Clubs and the healthy exercise programme ABC within health institutions which takes place on two levels:

  1. Cooperation with National Institute of Public Health.
  2. Promotion of Healthy Clubs in local health centres in order to connect them.


The purpose of the quality criteria listed below is to orient the sport organisations when designing new offers as well as to further develop and maintain the quality of the existing exercise programs.

The quality mark is granted by the Healthy Club Quality Mark team when the organisation reaches a certain amount of credits.

The main criteria are the following:

  • Organisational strategy and vision
  • Organisational management
  • Qualified trainers, coaches, volunteers and management
  • Structured recreational sport programmes
  • Sport facilities
  • Quality control

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